CM 730 Continuous Inkjet Printer

Introducing the CM 730 Continuous Inkjet Printer – an affordable CU printer with a big, colorful user interface. This printer is robust and meets all marking needs. With a modular ink system, it’s easy to maintain, delivers reliable performance, and uses minimal solvent. It’s reliable even in tough environments, offers excellent print quality, and is a breeze to set up, service, and operate. and spacing between para & request information.



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Technical Specifications:
Screen size: Color 10 inch TFT LCD Touchscreen
Cartridge volume: 750ml
Total Ink volume: 1.250ml
Nozzle: 60/70um
Print lines: 3 lines x 7 high / 4 lines x 5 high
Print Fonts: 5x5,7x5, 9x7, 11x9, 16x11, 19x14, 24x16
Positive Air pump: Optional
Interfaces: USB to load logos and backup/restore
Operating range: 5-45°C
Protection class: IP54

How does CM 730 Continuous Inkjet Printer work?

By offering quick and excellent printing on a variety of packaging materials, the CM 730 Continuous Inkjet Printer plays a significant role in the packaging sector. A tiny nozzle on the printer produces a steady stream of ink droplets to power it. In order to imprint the appropriate characters, numbers, barcodes, or artwork onto the package surface, the droplets are charged and repelled by electric fields. The printer's ink is made specifically to dry quickly, preserving the legibility and smudge-free quality of the printed text. Due to its rapid speed, the printer can print on moving packing items like boxes or labels without halting the production line. Through accurate and consistent marking and coding, producers may meet traceability standards and improve product identification in the packaging sector.

An entry-level printer with a big, high-resolution colour touch panel user interface is the CM730. reliability of operation in the most difficult conditions Printing quality is controlled and upheld to give flawless code on every print. Simple setup, service, and operation with a highly visible 10-touch screen, cost-saving features including single-part servicing, and system that reduces solvent use. The CM730 is fully equipped.

Here are few features of CM 730: -
  • Modular ink system
  • IP54 industrial structure
  • Quick, clean, fluids addition
  • Maintenance friendly modular print head
  • A simple high resolution operated user interface
  • Single filter module

The following features of the CM 730 Continuous Inkjet Printer make it ideal for the packaging sector:
  • High Speed Printing-High-speed printing characteristics of the CM 730 enable it to print on moving packaging materials without interfering with the production line. Productivity is increased by this feature, which guarantees effective and seamless integration into packaging processes.
  • Versatile Substrate Compatibility-The printer is made to deal with a variety of packaging materials, such as paper, metals, and plastics. It allows printing on a variety of packaging materials since it can adjust to various surface textures and geometries.
  • Reliable and Consistent Printing-The CM 730 uses cutting-edge inkjet technology to produce prints that are dependable and consistent. In the packaging business, it guarantees correct character formation, barcode readability, and clear visuals, all of which contribute to exact product identification and traceability.
  • Quick Drying Ink-Quick-drying ink is used in the printer to reduce the possibility of smudging or smearing both during and after printing. This improves the entire appearance and quality of the items by ensuring that printed information on packing materials is clear, legible, and durable.
  • User Friendly Interface-The CM 730 is simple to operate and configure for printing thanks to its user-friendly controls and interface. Operator productivity is increased and the learning curve is shortened by the ability to swiftly change settings, choose print options, and monitor printing performance.

The packaging sector uses the CM 730 Continuous Inkjet Printer for a variety of purposes, including:
  • Product Labelling-The printer is frequently used to print product labels, giving producers the opportunity to incorporate crucial details like product names, ingredients, barcodes, and expiration dates right on the packaging. This guarantees correct labelling and makes tracing easier.
  • Date and Batch Coding-Date and batch coding are done on packaging products using the CM 730. By printing manufacturing dates, lot numbers, or other batch-specific information, it lets producers to adhere to legal obligations while assuring product traceability and quality control
  • Branding and Logos-Printing branding components like logos, trademarks, and advertising messages on packaging materials is crucial. It helps businesses increase consumer awareness of their brands, produce attractive visuals, and convey crucial marketing messages.
  • Variable Data Printing-The CM 730 makes personalized packaging and custom product labelling possible by allowing the printing of changeable information, such as serial numbers or unique IDs. This is especially helpful in sectors like cosmetics or pharmaceuticals where each product could have unique tags or monitoring information.