CM 750 Continuous Inkjet Printer

Continuous Inkjet printer

The CM 750 is designed to meet the demanding requirements necessary for an industrial printer. High reliability, even in the harshest working environments. Working with the CM 750 is made easy by the quick and clean cartridge-changing facility. Simple to install and operate via a clearly visible 10-inch touch screen. As standard, the CM 750 is fitted with an economical ink and solvent system. The filter can be replaced easily (by you) which consequently keeps maintenance costs down. The CM 750 can be driven via a networked or local scanner. The CM 750 is up to the job.

  • Clean coding with ink that dries quickly and adheres well
  • 10-inch colour touch screen for ease of operation
  • Replace cartridges quickly and without spillage
  • Low consumption costs
  • Single filter module
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

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Technical Specifications:
Screen size: Color 10 inch TFT LCD Touchscreen
Cartridge volume: 750ml
Total Ink volume: 1.250ml
Nozzle: 60/70µm
Print lines: 4 lines x 7 high/5 lines x 5 high
Print Fonts: 5x5, 7x5, 9x7, 11x9, 16x11, 19x14, 24x16, 32x24
Positive Air pump: Standard
Print Data source: USB, RS232, TCP/IP
Operating range: 5-45°C
Protection class: Ip55

What is CM 750 Continuous Inkjet Printer?

The Cyklop Continuous Inkjet printer CM750 is the all-purpose printer in the CM700 series range and has been built to fulfil the extremely strict standards and flexibility required of an industrial printer in today's fast-paced production situations.

The CM 750 Continuous Inkjet Printer is a printing device that marks and prints data on a variety of surfaces using continuous inkjet technology. Here is a description of the CM 750's operation:
  • Ink Supply-An ink reservoir or cartridge serves as the printer's ink supply system. The ink is often a solvent-based, quick-drying composition.
  • Continuous Inkjet Technology-By employing a piezoelectric crystal or an electric field to separate the ink stream into individual droplets, the printer creates a continuous spray of ink droplets.
  • Deflection and Printing-Depending on the intended image or text, the printer delivers an electric charge to each ink droplet, selectively deflecting or directing it towards the printing surface or away from it.
  • Printing Control-To provide accurate and exact printing of the needed information, the printer's control system manages the ink flow, droplet generation, and deflection. Based on the information and instructions provided, the control system organises the printing process.

The CM750 was created to fulfil the incredibly strict requirements for flexibility and an industrial printer in today's quick-paced production scenarios. Reliability of functioning in the most difficult conditions. Printing quality is controlled and upheld to give flawless code on every print. simplicity of setup, maintenance, and operation thanks to a 10" Touch screen with excellent visibility. Single-part services' cost-saving features include systems that reduce solvent consumption. powerful and versatile print data possibilities using local or network scanners. The CM750 is fully equipped.

Here are a few features of CM 750
  • Modular ink system
  • IP55 industrial structure
  • Quick, clean, fluids addition
  • Maintenance friendly modular print head
  • A simple high resolution operated user interface
  • Single filter module

In order for the CM 750 Continuous Inkjet Printer to work and perform well, it needs to have a number of essential qualities. Here are a few features of the CM 750 printer that are typical:
  • Versatile Printing Capabilities-With its versatility, the CM 750 Continuous Inkjet Printer can print on a variety of substrates, including paper, plastics, metals, glass, and more. It has a wide range of industrial applications.
  • High Speed Printing-Fast printing speeds on the CM 750 printer make it ideal for high-volume printing needs and effective manufacturing operations. High-speed production lines can be handled without sacrificing print quality.
  • Reliable and Consistent Print Quality-Even at high speeds, the printer guarantees dependable and consistent print quality. Clear and legible text, graphics, and barcodes are produced as a result of maintaining precise droplet formation and ink placement.
  • Flexibility in Ink Types-A variety of ink formulations, including solvent-based, water-based, and UV-curable inks, are supported by the CM 750, allowing for customization based on particular printing needs and substrates.
  • Easy Integration and Control-The printer is made to operate either independently or with little integration into current production processes. It often has control systems and user-friendly interfaces that make setting up, adjusting, and monitoring printing parameters straightforward.

  • Product Packaging-For printing batch numbers, expiration dates, barcodes, logos, and other variable data on a variety of packaging materials, such as boxes, cartons, labels, and pouches, the CM 750 Continuous Inkjet Printer is frequently used in product packaging applications.
  • Industrial Marking-The printer is used in industrial settings to mark items, parts, and components with traceability data such as serial numbers, logos, and identifying codes. It is frequently employed in sectors including manufacturing, electronics, and the automotive industry.
  • Food and Beverage Industry-The CM 750 printer is used in the food and beverage industry to print barcodes, lot codes, ingredient lists, nutritional information, and ingredient lists on packaging materials such bottles, cans, pouches, and labels.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare-On medication packages, blister packs, vials, and medical devices, the printer is used to print regulatory information, drug specifics, lot numbers, expiration dates, and barcodes.
These uses demonstrate the CM 750 Continuous Inkjet Printer's adaptability and applicability for a variety of industries where fast, dependable, and precise printing are necessary for variable data and marking applications.

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