CT 12TS Semi-automatic Case Sealer Tape Machine

CT 12TS Semi-Automatic Case Sealer Suitable for 48 MM – 72 MM PVC & PP Tape

A case sealer with manual input is a particular kind of sealing or taping machine where the operator physically feeds the cardboard boxes into the machine. The phrase “manual entry” denotes that the operator must load the boxes into the machine’s conveyor system or designated area before the machine automatically applies tape or glue to seal the boxes.

Applying an adhesive tape to something, such a box or another surface, is known as taping. Tape is frequently used in the packaging business to seal anything, typically a box or package. Additionally, tape is used to brand, wrap things, convey messages, and deter theft. The ultimate objective of taping is to keep and/or deliver your products without damage, ensuring that they reach your customer in flawless shape. You can apply packaging tape or tape by hand, with a table dispenser, or with a box closure.


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Technical Specifications:
Dimensions of machine (LxWxH) 1,090 x 890 x 750 mm
Sealing Bottom and top
Consumables PP/PVC Tape
Tape outer roll diameter 350 mm (max)
Tape - core diameter 76 mm
Tape-width 50-75 mm
Pack size-length min 150 mm max *
Pack size - width 120 mm-480 mm
Pack size-height 120 mm-480 mm
Capacity 1200 packages / hour
Transport Side - 20 meters / hour
Protection IP 55
Power 220 V/50 Hz / 1 phase
Weight 200 Kg

How does CT 12TS Semi-Automatic Case Sealer Suitable for 48 MM – 72 MM PVC & PP Tape work?

The CT 12TS is a semi-automatic taper that works with PP or PVC tape that is between 48 and 72 mm in width.

After the box has been filled, the operator shuts it, folds the flaps, and then manually inserts the box into the machine. After that, tape is automatically applied to seal the bottom and top. The machine is simple to manually reposition to the desired width and height. Motorized side conveyor belts are used to move the boxes, guaranteeing excellent alignment and a tight seal.

Hundreds of parcels can be expertly closed each day using the CT 12TS.

  • Increased Efficiency-Case sealers that operate semi-automatically automate the sealing procedure, enabling quicker and more effective packaging. Compared to manual sealing, they can handle a greater volume of cases, cutting down on labour hours and raising output all around.
  • Consistent Sealing Quality-These devices are made to deliver reliable and consistent sealing outcomes. They evenly apply glue or adhesive tape to boxes, securing each container with a tight seal. This preserves the quality of the product while it is in transit and storage.
  • Versatility-Semi-automatic case sealers frequently have a range of settings and are adaptable to different box sizes and sealing configurations. They are easily configurable to accommodate various box sizes, ensuring flexibility with a variety of packaging needs.
  • Cost Savings-Consistent sealing quality also lowers the risk of product damage or returns, which further cuts costs across the supply chain.

  • Semi-Automatic Operation-With its semi-automatic operation and automatic tape or adhesive application, the CT 12TS Semi-Automatic Case Sealer streamlines the sealing process in the packing sector while requiring less labour and increasing efficiency.
  • Adjustable Case Size Capability-The CT 12TS Semi-Automatic Case Sealer provides configurable features to handle different case sizes, allowing for flexibility in the packing process and guaranteeing a secure and consistent seal.
  • Durability and Reliability-The robust and long-lasting design of the CT 12TS Semi-Automatic Case Sealer guarantees longevity and dependability, reducing downtime and boosting output in difficult packing settings.

The CT 12TS Semi-Automatic Case Sealer excels in the packing sector thanks to a number of crucial features. Operators may effortlessly load and feed cases into the machine due to its semi-automatic operation, and the sealer automatically applies tape or adhesive for effective sealing. The CT 12TS's adjustable characteristics enable it to fit different case sizes, giving packing options. In tough packing conditions, its robust structure guarantees endurance and dependability, minimizing downtime and maximizing production. Overall, the CT 12TS Semi-Automatic Case Sealer streamlines case sealing operations and maximizes efficiency in the packing sector by fusing ease, adaptability, and durability.

Numerous packing-related uses for the CT 12TS Semi-Automatic Case Sealer include:
  • E commerce Fulfillment Centers-In order to ensure secure shipping packaging, it is utilized to effectively seal boxes of various sizes in e-commerce fulfilment centers.
  • Manufacturing Facilities-The CT 12TS is used to seal boxes of finished goods in manufacturing facilities, improving product protection and expediting the packing process.
  • Distribution Centers-It is used at distribution centers to seal product cases before they are shipped to retailers, enhancing packaging effectiveness and lowering the possibility of damage during transit.
  • Food and Beverage Packaging-The food and beverage industry uses the CT 12TS to seal cases of packaged goods, preserving product freshness and avoiding contamination.
The CT 12TS is a crucial tool in numerous packing industry situations due to its adaptability and effectiveness.