Elastobinder M Automatic Bundling Machine

Fully automatic bundling with elastic in humid areas

The Elastobinder is a bundling machine specially developed for the (fully automatic) bundling of light-weight products with elastic, the Strepper®.  The benefits of bundling with Strepper include its closed design whereby heat-sealing or knotting are no longer necessary. The elastic does not deform the product and leaves no traces/damage behind and one size of Strepper® can bundle both large and small products. The Strepper® is manufactured from recyclable plastic and is available in various colours and sizes. The Elastobinder® can bundle both horizontal and vertical bundles. Products are fed in and out by hand or by means of a drive belt. The Elastobinder® can be integrated into an existing packaging line or can be purchased with a complete packing line. Optionally, the machine can be fitted with an automatic labelling unit.

  • Horizontal and vertical bundling
  • Quick and reliable
  • Cost saving
  • Suitable for bundling irregularly shaped products
  • Max. 45 bundles per min.
  • Can be integrated into an automatic line
  • Environmentally friendly, elastic is recyclable
  • Constructed from stainless steel for the food industry

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