Ampag Boxer YM Stainless Steel Strapping Machine

Stainless steel model for use in the food industry

The strapping machine Ampag Boxer YM is a reliable stainless steel strapping machine, with a strapping head on the side. This makes the machine resistent to dust and dirt. Because the strap tension is easy to adjust, the Ampag Boxer YM can be used for strapping a wide range of products. The automatic strapping machine Ampag Boxer YM is useful in many industries. This machine is very easily integrated into a fully automated packing line.

  • For PP strap: 9 – 12 – 16 mm
  • Up to 35 cycles per minute
  • Resists dust, sand and dirt
  • Stainless steel model for use in the food industry
  • Quick to heat (within 25 seconds)
  • Automatic strap insertion in the event of an injection fault
  • Adjustable strap tension

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