CHT 670 Battery Driven Strapping Tool

The CHT 670 strapping tool is the most powerful device for plastic strapping. The CHT 670 combines all the necessary operations – clamping, sealing and cutting – in one device. The device is lightweight, ergonomically balanced and because it is easy to work with, an operator can create a strapping up to six times faster compared to a device for buckles or seals. The strap tension and tensioning speed can be set variably, up to 7,000 N. This ensures that any product can be strapped, making the device extremely suitable for strapping in the metal, wood or construction industry. This makes strapping with this device a good replacement for strapping with steel strap.

The CHT 670 works on a battery, ideal for strapping at various locations. The CHT 670 can be strapped in a manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic mode.

  • For PET strap 25-32 mm
  • Tension up to 7.000 N
  • Working ergonomically
  • For heavy applications, good replacement for steel strap

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