CSA 960 TWIN Double Rotary Stretch Wrapper

The fully automatic CSA 960 TWIN stretch wrapper with double rotating arms can be easily integrated into an existing or new line. The pallet wrapper is ideally suited for use in sectors where high production speeds are required. Thanks to the double rotating arm, pallets can also be wrapped in a stationary position, which makes the pallet wrapper suitable for unstable and heavy loads.

The design of the machine can be adapted to your requirements. This stretch wrapper will reduce the total costs in your production line by using film with a high pre-stretch percentage. The CSA 960 TWIN is a maintenance-friendly machine and can wrap up to 75 pallets per hour.

  • Pre-stretch up to 450%
  • Can handle up to 110 pallets per hour
  • Many options, including an anti-foil clamp system

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