CST 204 Stretch Wrapper Machine with Pre Stretch System


A special type of stretch wrapper called the CST 204 is used to wrap palletized loads in stretch film and secure them. A film carriage on this machine applies stretch film to the load as a motorized turntable turns the pallet. With its changeable wrap parameters, you may adjust the number of wraps, the wrap tension, and the wrap speed to fit your needs. A film pre-stretch technology that lengthens the stretch film and reduces film consumption may also be included in the CST 204. The CST 204 is made to make the pallet wrapping process more efficient while yet guaranteeing the stability and security of the contents during storage and transportation.


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Technical Specifications:
Table diam 01650 mm
Speed 12rpm
Capacity 10-25 pallets/hour (base on pallet height and turns to be wrapped)
Start/stop Frequency controlled
Bottom/Top wraps 1-9
Film carriage speed Variable speed
Pre stretch ratio. 300% and 230% manually, two-section variable (250% and 200% optional)
Stretch wrapping programs 8 adjustable
Controller PLC
Supply Single phase 240 V 50 Hz
Loading 10A
Pallet Goods
Max size (length/width) 1200X1000 mm
Max goods height incl. pallet 2200 mm
Permitted load weight 2000 kg
Stretch Film
Core diameter, max 76 mm
Outer diameter, max 250 mm
Film width, max 500 mm
Film thickness 9-35 mm

How does STRETCH WRAPPER: CST 204 work?

The machine is simple to use because of the buttons' obvious and straightforward functions. The film roll may be rapidly and easily replaced. Additionally, the bottom plate has grooves that allow a forklift to move the machine internally.

  • Adjustable turntable speed & film carriage speed
  • Motor-driven pre-stretch 150%-200% - 250%
  • Adjustable number of bottom and top wraps
  • Wrapping speed 12 rpm
  • Possibility to save wrapping programs

Wraps loads with unusual shapes. Stretch wrapper is loaded using a forklift or pallet jack. A machine operator starts the wrapping cycle. Operator cuts/attaches film by hand. With the redesigned display, all programme settings and parameters may be changed with ease. Film patterns and tension are just two examples of the many manual controls available. As long as the pre stretch ratio is kept constant, reduced film consumption is ensured load after load.

  • Efficient Stretching Capability-The CST 204 stretch wrapper excels at securely stretching and wrapping palletized goods, maintaining product integrity throughout the supply chain while ensuring stability and minimizing product damage during transportation and storage.
  • User Friendly Operation-The CST 204 stretch wrapper provides professionals in the packaging sector with a simple-to-use solution thanks to its user-friendly design. Operators can swiftly alter settings thanks to the machine's user-friendly control panel and pre-set wrapping programmes, which streamlines the packing process and saves time and effort.
  • Versatile Wrapping Option-Businesses have access to flexible wrapping options with the CST 204 stretch wrapper, which can handle a range of load sizes and shapes. Its versatility in the packaging process, which eliminates the need for several machines or manual adjustments and enables effective packaging of a variety of products, comes from its capacity to accommodate varying pallet dimensions and irregularly shaped loads.
  • Enhanced Safety Features-With features like photoelectric sensors and safety gates, the CST 204 stretch wrapper has a strong emphasis on safety. These features ensure a secure working environment by detecting items or people close to the wrapping area and taking the appropriate safety measures to avoid accidents or injuries.
These qualities make it a useful asset in the packaging sector, assisting companies to increase production, safeguard their goods, and guarantee a secure packaging procedure.

  • Increased Efficiency-By automating the wrapping process, eliminating manual labour and time, and increasing productivity and throughput, the CST 204 stretch wrapper improves package efficiency.
  • Cost Savings-The CST 204 stretch wrapper reduces product damage through secure wrapping, obviates the need for pricey repair or replacement, and lowers packing costs as a whole, saving firms money.
  • Improved Load Stability-The CST 204 stretch wrapper improves load stability by firmly fastening goods to the pallet, lowering the possibility of movement or damage during transit, raising client satisfaction, and decreasing the possibility of product loss.
  • Versatility and Adaptability-Due of the versatility of the CST 204 stretch wrapper, a variety of products can be packaged effectively without the use of additional machines. This increases operational flexibility and streamlines the packaging process.

There are many uses for the CST 204 stretch wrapper in the packaging sector, including:
  • Palletized Load Wrapping-It is frequently used in sectors including logistics, warehousing, and distribution centres to wrap palletized cargo, ensuring stability and protection during transportation and storage.
  • Food and Beverage Industry-In the food and beverage business, pallets of packaged items are wrapped with stretch wrappers to maintain product integrity, hygiene, and effective packaging.
  • Manufacturing and Production Facilities-It is employed in manufacturing and production facilities to properly package and safeguard finished items before shipping, expediting the procedure and guaranteeing the calibre of the final product.
  • E-Commerce and Retail-The CST 204 stretch wrapper is essential to the e-commerce and retail sectors because it effectively packages and protects goods for shipping, ensuring that they reach customers safely

The steps below must be followed in order to operate a CST 204 stretch wrapper in the packaging sector:
  • Load Placement-Place the palletized cargo onto the stretch wrapper's turntable, centering and balancing it to ensure stability during wrapping.
  • Adjust Wrapping Parameters-Use the advanced control system to modify the wrapping parameters, such as tension, rotation speed, and film overlap, according to the demands of the particular load. This guarantees ideal adaptation for various load types.
  • Start Wrapping Cycle-Use the relevant start button or the control panel to start the wrapping cycle. As the turntable spins, the wrapping arm starts wrapping the load in film.
  • Monitor and Inspect-Make sure the film is being wrapped securely and smoothly by keeping an eye on the process. To ensure correct wrapping, keep an eye on the work and make any required adjustments.
  • Completion and Unloading-The film will be automatically cut and clamped to secure the load after the wrapping cycle is finished. The wrapped pallet should be carefully removed from the turntable before being stored or transported.

In the packaging sector, the CST 204 stretch wrapper combines a number of crucial safety measures, including:
  • Photoelectric Sensors-The photoelectric sensors in the CST 204 stretch wrapper identify impediments and automatically stop the machine's operation or start safety procedures to prevent mishaps in the wrapping area.
  • Safety Gates-Safety gates on the CST 204 stretch wrapper form a physical barrier that prevents access to the wrapping zone while the machine is in use, improving safety by lowering the possibility of mishaps or injuries.
  • Emergency Stop Button-The CST 204 stretch wrapper has an emergency stop button that lets users to quickly terminate the machine's operation in an emergency, protecting both users and bystanders.
  • Overload Protection-The CST 204 stretch wrapper's overload protection features protect its internal workings, preserving the equipment's integrity and durability while lowering the possibility of breakdown or damage.

For the CST 204 stretch wrapper to function at its best and last as long as possible, proper maintenance in the packaging business is essential. Consider the following maintenance procedures:
  • Regular Cleaning-In order to prevent dust, debris, or film residue from building up, clean the machine frequently. Utilize cleaning products and equipment as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Lubrication-Follow the lubrication instructions provided by the manufacturer, making sure that all moving parts and mechanisms are adequately greased to minimize wear and friction. Replace worn-out or damaged parts on a regular basis.
  • Inspection and Adjustment-Conduct regular checks of all the parts, including the turntable, wrapping arm, control panel, and safety features, to look for any indications of damage or misalignment. If necessary, adjust and tighten any loose components.
  • Film Roll Replacement-When the film roll is empty or broken, replace it. Make sure the film is loaded and positioned in the device according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Training and Operator Awareness-Give operators the appropriate instruction on the safe use and upkeep of the CST 204 stretch wrapper. Operators should be encouraged to report any problems or anomalies right away.
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