CTR 2000 TWIN Ring Wrapper Machine with Double Film

Fully automatic ring stretch wrapper with double film carriage – up to 150 pallets / hour

The stretch wrapper CTR 2000 TWIN has been specially designed to meet the most demanding requirements. The film wrapper is equipped with 2 film carriages with eco-stretch and can handle up to 150 pallets per hour. The CTR 2000 TWIN can start at the bottom of the load and end at the top without having to go back and thanks to the design of the ring the number of wrapping patterns is virtually unlimited. There are four different packaging programs, setting individual programs can easily be done by the user themselves.

  • Driven by geared belt
  • With power pre-stretch plus unit 60% – 300%
  • Handles up to 150 pallets per hour
  • Wrapping speed max 45 rpm

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