A complete guide on – CM 800 C CO2 Laser Marking System


What is Laser marking?

Laser technology was developed back in the early 1960s. As the technology developed, it was used for marking and engraving. Laser marking is a technology used to mark or engrave a variety of materials using a laser beam. It is a non-contact process that creates marks by removing or altering the surface of the material. Laser marking is widely used for product identification, traceability, and aesthetic purposes in industries such as manufacturing, electronics, automotive, medical, and more.

What is a CM 800 C CO2 Laser Marking System?

Cyklop India offers global packaging solutions such as strapping, wrapping, coding, and taping. CM 800 C CO2 laser marking system developed by them achieves high-quality printing at high speed for all production lines. It can be used for standard industrial fonts, Bar and QR codes, Data matrices, Aztec codes, Han-Xin codes, Graphics, Logos, Symbols, and more.

How does the CM 800 C CO2 Laser Marking System work?

CM 800 C CO2 Laser Marking System emits a high-powered laser beam generated by a CO2 laser source. This beam interacts with the material’s surface and it causes it to either vaporize or undergo a chemical change. This results in a visible mark. It can mark multiple products effectively at high speed.

What are the benefits of CM 800 C CO2 Laser Marking System?

  • Precision: CM 800 C CO2 Laser Marking System offers high precision and accuracy.
  • Versatility: It marks a wide range of surfaces that include plastics, glass, wood, and metals.
  • Non-contact: It is a non-contact process and hence it minimizes the risk of damage to the marking surface.
  • Permanent Marking: The laser marking system provides durable and permanent marks on the material.
  • Speed: It is a fast and efficient marking solution
  • Know the features of CM 800 C CO2 Laser Marking System

The features of a CM 800 C CO2 Laser Marking System include:

  • Marking speed – It has a marking speed of up to 2000 characters per second and a line speed of up to 200 per minute
  • CO2 Laser Source – It utilizes a CO2 laser for marking which is in a sealed CO laser tube
  • User interface – It has an in-house developed touchscreen control system and it is easy to operate
  • Cost-effective – The CM 800 C CO2 Laser Marking System is low on maintenance and high on productivity. It is an affordable model for all packaging businesses.

List of applications of CM 800 C CO2 Laser Marking System

  • Product Identification: Many products, from electronics to consumer goods, are marked with laser-engraved serial numbers, barcodes, and QR codes for tracking and traceability.
  • Medical Devices: A laser marking system is used to engrave information on medical instruments, implants, and devices to ensure accurate identification and compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Automotive Parts: It is used for labelling automotive components with part numbers, date codes, and other essential information for quality control and tracking.
  • Jewellery: CM 800 C CO2 Laser Marking System allows for precise engraving of intricate designs, logos, or personalized information on jewellery items.
  • Packaging: The laser marking on packaging materials enables the inclusion of expiration dates, batch numbers, and other crucial details for consumer safety and inventory management.


CM 800 C CO2 Laser Marking System is a game-changing solution for packaging businesses. It provides precise, high-contrast, and permanent marks on a variety of packaging materials. Its non-contact process minimizes the risk of damage to sensitive packaging. With speed, versatility, and minimal maintenance requirements, laser marking improves production efficiency and reduces operational costs. Adopting laser marking technology is a strategic choice for packaging businesses seeking superior marking quality, enhanced product identification, and streamlined compliance in a competitive market. Connect with Cyklop India for more details.