Complete Guide on Semi Automatic Strapping Machines



In this constantly fast paced world, everything needs to be done and dusted quickly. So, a proficient packaging of goods and ensuring its safety while delivery has become vital for organisations across all verticals. One such innovation that has made the work easy is the strapping machine. Strapping machines was created to automate the fragile process of securing packages, pallets and products with strong straps, ensuring their safe and successful transport and delivery. Among the various types available, the semi-automatic strapping machine strikes a good balance between manual and fully automatic, making it a great solution for small to medium-sized businesses.

What is a Strapping Machine?

A strapping machine is a device used for packaging, which secures and bundles items together using polypropylene (PP) straps. Through automation, it eliminates the requirement for manual labour, ensuring reliable and consistent results. Strapping machines can be categorised into different types based on their level of automation, with semi-automatic models being widely favoured.

What is a Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine?

A semi-automatic strapping machine is an adaptable packaging tool that merges manual control with automated feature set. It requires some manual effort to feed the strap via the device; however, the tensioning, sealing, and cutting procedures are automatic. Semi-automatic strapping machines offer an economical and efficient method for securing packages, thus rendering them ideal for businesses with low to moderate packing quantities.

How to Use Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines?

1.Prepare the machine:

Ensure the strapping machine is properly set up and adjusted according to the package size and strap width.

2. Load the strap:

Insert the strap roll into the machine and thread the strap through the appropriate guides and rollers.

3.Position the package:

Place the package or pallet in the desired position, ensuring it is aligned correctly for strapping.

4.Tensioning and sealing:

Activate the machine to automatically tension the strap around the package and seal it securely. The machine will also cut the strap to the desired length.

5.Repeat the process:

If you have multiple packages to strap, repeat the process for each one until all are securely bundled.

Benefits of Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines

Semi-automatic strapping machines offer numerous advantages compare­d to manual strapping or fully automated systems. This includes several key benefits:

1. The machines mentioned here have a remarkable be­nefit of saving time and effort. How? By automating the tensioning, sealing, and cutting proce­sses involved in packaging, these machines significantly reduce the amount of time and physical exertion required. As a result, they enhance productivity.

2. Semi-automatic machines employ heat sealing or friction we­lding techniques to securely fasten the strap, eliminating the need for additional seals. This results in cost savings while ensuring stronger and more reliable strapping.

3. Integration with asse­mbly lines is a seamless proce­ss for these machines, allowing for easy incorporation into existing assembly lines or transport systems. This integration optimises the packaging process and enhances overall workflow efficiency.

4. Semi-automatic strapping machines offer adjustable voltage settings, allowing users to customise the tension applied to their packages based on specific requirements. This feature ensures optimal tensioning without causing any damage to the goods being secured.

5. Securing items using semi-automatic machines enables businesses to enhance their inventory control, ensuring efficient organisation and management while minimising the risks of damage, loss, or confusion during storage or transportation.

Features of different varieties of CYKLOP Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines

A number of excellent semi-automatic strapping machines are offered by CYKLOP, a well-known supplier of packaging and strapping solutions. Let’s examine some salient characteristics of their products:

1. Horizontal Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine:

This device is designed for strapping pallets horizontally. It’s reliable, easy to use and requires little maintenance. Adjustable strap width (12 or 15.5mm), gripping force up to 690N and mobility that allows quick installation anywhere are its main features.

2. Vertical Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine:

This is excellent for manual pallet strapping in a variety of applications. It has a tension capacity of up to 6,900 N, is heat sealed, and is mobile thanks to fixed and swivel casters.

3. Silent Strapping Machine:

This machine is designed for strapping various products and distinguishes out for its quiet operation (only 57 dB) and energy efficiency. It has a direct drive system with fewer moving parts, which means lower maintenance expenses. A wide strap range (5-16 mm), adjustable working height, and a movable tabletop for enhanced convenience are also included.

4.Strapping Machine suitable for the Food Industry:

This stainless steel semi-automatic strapping equipment is designed exclusively for the food sector. It has strong dependability and cleanliness requirements. Notable characteristics include a broad strap range (5-15.5 mm), up to 20 cycles per minute, mobility via castors, and a side sealer to prevent debris from entering the machine.

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines from CYKLOP Increase Packaging Efficiency

CYKLOP’s range of semi-automatic strapping machines caters to diverse industry needs, delivering efficiency, reliability, and ease of use. From horizontal and vertical strapping to silent operation and suitability for the food industry, CYKLOP offers solutions for a wide array of applications.


Strapping machines, particularly semi-automatic ones, provide businesses with a cost-effective and efficient solution for securing packages, pallets, and products. CYKLOP’s range of semi-automatic strapping machines stands out for their reliability, ease of use, and innovative features. Embrace the power of automation with CYKLOP semi-automatic strapping machines and take your packaging to new heights. Contact us for more information.