Packaging Consumables:The Backbone of the Packaging Industry


In the packaging industry, the design and functionality of packaging materials often steal the spotlight, it is the packaging consumables, that form the backbone of this industry.

What are packaging consumables?

Packaging consumables refer to the materials and components used in the packaging process, excluding the primary packaging itself. These consumables are essential for various stages of the packaging workflow, from production and assembly to sealing and labelling. Packaging consumables play a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency, protection, and presentation of products during transportation and storage.

What are the types of packaging consumables?

  • Adhesives and Tapes play a critical role in sealing packages securely, preventing any damage or contamination during transit. The pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes for easy sealing and double-sided tapes for secure attachments. The main types of tapes used are PP tapes, PVC, and paper tapes. · Strapping and Banding material such as plastic or metal bands, provide stability and security to large packages, preventing them from shifting or breaking open. These consumables are vital for safeguarding heavy or irregularly shaped items.
  • Steel Strap Seals are for heavy-duty packaging. It is used to secure large or heavy loads. Steel strap seals, often made of high-strength materials, serve as the binding force that holds these straps together. These seals are designed to withstand substantial tension, ensuring that the strapped items remain stable and secure during transit.
  • Plastic Strap Seals are for lighter or more flexible packaging needs to fasten and secure plastic straps. Plastic strap seals are lightweight and durable. It provides a reliable closure for a wide range of products.
  • Cushioning and Protective Materials like bubble wrap, foam, and other protective materials act as a cushion, safeguarding fragile items from impact and shock during transportation. These consumables are instrumental in ensuring that products arrive at their destination in pristine condition.
  • Labels and Marking consumables are crucial for product identification, branding, and compliance with regulatory requirements. They provide essential information about the contents, handling instructions, and expiration dates. · Elastic Cylastic and Strepper are innovative packaging consumables revolutionizing bundling solutions. Elastic Cylastic offers flexibility, seamlessly securing diverse items with its stretchable and adaptable properties. It ensures a snug fit, preventing shifting during transit. Strepper, a cutting-edge strapping material, combines strength with sustainability. It is for heavy-duty applications.
  • Cleaning Supplies helps to maintain a clean and sterile packaging environment is essential for industries like food and pharmaceuticals. Packaging consumables such as wipes, sanitizers, and cleaning solutions play a pivotal role in ensuring hygiene standards are met. · Stretch Film and Shrink Wrap provide a protective layer around products, securing them together and protecting them against dust, moisture, and tampering. These consumables are widely used in various industries for unitizing and bundling items. · Ink plays a major role in the packaging industry as it transforms packaging into brand identity and information. It is used to print vibrant logos and for essential product details.

The Need for Packaging Consumables:

Packaging consumables benefit each aspect of the packaging process irrespective of the industry or sector.

  • Efficiency and Productivity:Packaging consumables contribute significantly to the efficiency of the packaging process. From quick-sealing adhesives to easy-to-use strapping materials, these items streamline operations and enhance overall productivity.
  • Product Protection:The primary function of packaging is to protect the enclosed products. Packaging consumables, such as cushioning materials and protective films, play a critical role in preventing damage and ensuring that goods reach consumers in perfect condition.
  • Brand Identity and Information:Labels and marking consumables contribute to brand identity and communicate essential information about the product. Clear and informative labels help consumers make informed choices and build trust in the brand.
  •  Sustainability:As sustainability becomes a focal point for industries worldwide, packaging consumables play a crucial role. Environmentally friendly materials, biodegradable adhesives, and recyclable strapping contribute to a more sustainable packaging process.
  • Cost-Efficiency:The right choice of packaging consumables can lead to cost savings. Efficient strapping materials, for example, can reduce material waste and lower overall packaging costs.

Sustainable packaging consumables:

Sustainable packaging practices are integral to reducing the environmental impact of the packaging industry. Businesses are actively seeking eco-friendly alternatives for consumables like adhesives, strapping materials, and wrapping films. Adopting recyclable and biodegradable options in these consumables minimizes the ecological footprint, promoting responsible resource use.

Ink choices are evolving towards water-based or soy-based alternatives. Strapping materials are available in recyclable and compostable options. Wrapping films, including stretch films and shrink wraps, are now available in bio-based or recycled materials. These sustainable packaging consumables practices resonate with the growing environmentally conscious consumer base. Cyklop India, a leading supplier of sustainable packaging consumables, deals in Ink, wrapping film, strapping material, Tapes, and Elastic. Connect with us to know more.

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