The Ultimate Guide to the CM 600 Thermal Inkjet Printer: Features, Benefits, and Applications


Cyklop India offers global packaging solutions like strapping, wrapping, coding, and taping machines and consumables. They are also the leading manufacturer of CM 600 thermal inkjet printers.

Thermal inkjet printers excel in printing texts, date formats, times, logos, barcodes, batch markings, address information, etc. on individual products, packaging or transport pallets. Thermal inkjet printers are essential for marking and coding.

In this guide to the CM 600 thermal inkjet printer, we will see its functions, its features, and its benefits.

How does CM 600 work?

A Thermal Inkjet Printer uses heat to eject tiny droplets of ink onto printing surfaces. It has one or more ink cartridges containing ink reservoirs. There are tiny resistors within the cartridge that are arranged in a grid pattern corresponding to the number of dots per inch (DPI).

When one gives a print command, an electrical current is passed through select resistors. These resistors heat up rapidly and cause the ink near them to vaporize and form a tiny bubble. The bubble creates pressure within the ink chamber. It forces the droplet of ink through a microscopic nozzle onto the printing surface. As the print head moves across the surface, it deposits droplets of ink in the desired pattern, creating text, graphics, or images.

Technical specifications of CM 600 Thermal Inkjet printer

  • The HP TIJ 2.5 print technology offers selectable printing resolutions of 150, 200, 300, and 600 dpi.
  • It has a 7-inch touchscreen
  • It has an auto head with 10mm anti-shock capabilities and allows for quick rotational mounting at 30-degree increments.
  • It can print both side-on and top-down.
  • The optimal print distance is 1mm and a maximum of 5mm
  • It operates at speeds of up to 228 m/min, or 76 m/min at 300dpi
  • The printer supports black water-based ink and solvent-based ink in black, red, and blue
  • It has various printing options such as configurable time/date codes, counters, shift codes, graphics/logos, external data, and symbol sets.
  • It has an external fiber optic sensor and head mounting bracket
  • This feature encompasses various languages, including English and German.

What are the Features of CM 600?

  • High Resolution: Thermal inkjet printers can produce high-resolution prints
  • Colour Accuracy: It can accurately reproduce a wide range of colours as it has separate cartridges for each colour
  • Compact Size: Thermal inkjet printers are often compact and lightweight
  • Cost-effective: CM 600 is more affordable both in terms of initial purchase price and operating costs as compared to laser printers.
  • Ease of Use: They are easy to set up and operate. It needs minimal maintenance compared to some other printer types.

What are the benefits of the CM 600 Thermal Inkjet Printer?

  • Versatility: Versatile in its capabilities, capable of printing on substrates like paper, cardboard, and plastic.
  • Quick Start-Up: It has a quick start-up time. It allows users to start printing almost immediately after turning the printer on.
  • High-Speed Printing: It provides complex coding like 100% scannable barcodes & QR codes on secondary packaging in food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and extrusion industries.
  • Energy Efficiency: It consumes less power compared to some other printing technologies. It helps to lower energy bills to conserve the environment and is sustainable.

Know the various Applications of Thermal inkjet printer CM 600

  • The CM 600 Thermal Inkjet Printer has wide applications across diverse industries for various purposes.
  • It is used in product packaging to print batch numbers, expiration dates, barcodes, and other variable data on materials like boxes, cartons, bags, labels, and sleeves.
  • In the food and beverage sector, it prints lot codes, date codes, ingredient lists, and nutritional information on packaging materials such as bottles, cans, pouches, and food packaging.
  • In the pharmaceutical and healthcare domains, it is utilized for printing barcodes, lot numbers, expiration dates, and drug information on blister packs, vials, syringes, and pharmaceutical packaging.
  • It serves industrial needs by printing identifying codes, serial numbers, logos, and part numbers on various industrial items, components, and parts.
  • In logistics and shipping, it helps in the effective tracking and administration of shipments by printing shipping labels, tracking details, barcodes, and handling instructions on packages, parcels, boxes, and shipping containers.

If you are looking for an industrial printer, opt for thermal inkjet printers. Contact us to know more about the CM 600 printer.

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