AXRO FQC2 Elastic Binder for Binding

Introducing the AXRO FQC2, the latest advancement in binding technology. This machine comes with the trusted AXRO clamping and knotting system known for its reliability. It’s equipped with an improved feed-in mechanism to ensure proper binding even if timing is off. Plus, it has a knot-release feature that gently releases knots, preventing damage to products. The binder is great for bundling items like flowers, cables, and tubing.


It works seamlessly with elastic cord types like Cylastic PES, Cylastic PCs 1300, and Cylastic 3K. You can also integrate it into automated production lines. Operating it is a breeze, and it’s built to last with minimal maintenance needed. It runs quietly, handles up to 100 cycles per minute, and is resistant to dirt. In simple terms, the AXRO FQC2 is a reliable and easy-to-use elastic binder for various products.


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