A Guide to Using the Stretch Wrapper CST 205 AUTO`


A stretch wrapper is used in the packaging industry to wrap items like pallets or large boxes, with stretch film. It secures and protects pallets during transportation or storage. Stretch wrappers come in various configurations, including semi-automatic and fully automatic models.

Cyklop India’s stretch wrapper CST 205 Auto is the unanimous choice of wrapper in the packaging industry. In the guide to using the Stretch Wrapper CST 205 AUTO, let us get to know all its features and functionality.

What is CST 205 stretch wrapper and how does it function?

The CST 205 stretch wrapper is an advanced pallet wrapping machine made to streamline and automate packaging processes efficiently. The operators load pallets onto the turntable and start the wrapping cycle either through a remote control or a touch panel interface. On completion of the wrapping cycle, the machine autonomously cuts the film. This ensures a clean finish by neatly securing the film end against the load. The film gripper securely holds the film in place and this makes it ready for the next packing operation.

The CST 205 stretch wrapper offers a combination of advanced automation, user-friendly controls, and cost-effective film usage. It is a valuable asset in packaging operations.

What is the technical specification of CST 205?

  • Table Diameter: 1650 mm
  • Speed: Rotates at 12 revolutions per minute
  • Capacity: 10-25 pallets per hour
  • Bottom/Top Wraps: Can apply between 1 to 9 wraps
  • Pre-stretch Ratio: Manually adjustable between 250% and 200%
  • Stretch Wrapping Programs: Offers 8 adjustable programs for versatile packaging needs
  • Max Size (Length/Width): 1200 x 1000 mm
  • Permitted Load Weight: Up to 2000 kg

What are the features of the CST 205 Stretch Wrapper?

  • It excels at securely stretching and wrapping palletized goods
  • It is a simple-to-use solution with a user-friendly control panel and pre-set wrapping programs
  • It accommodates varying pallet dimensions and irregularly shaped loads
  • It has a safety feature of an Emergency Stop Button. This button allows quick termination of machine operation in emergencies.
  • It also has an overload protection feature. This is to protect internal workings and preserve equipment integrity and durability.

What are the benefits of having a CST 205 Stretch Wrapper?

  • It automates the wrapping process, increasing productivity and throughput.
  • It gives you major cost savings as it reduces product damage and packing costs
  • It can firmly fasten goods to the pallet, enhancing load stability during transit.
  • It can effectively pack a variety of products without additional machines, increasing operational flexibility.

Where is the CST 205 Stretch Wrapper used?

  • CST 205 is used in logistics, warehousing, and distribution centers for wrapping palletized cargo.
  • In the food and beverage industry, it maintains product integrity and hygiene in packaged items.
  • In the manufacturing and production facilities, it safeguards finished items before shipping
  • It is used to pack and protect goods for shipping in the retail sector.

Now that we have the complete details about the CST 205 stretch wrapper, let us check the specific operating instructions.

  • You need to place palletized cargo onto the turntable to ensure stability.
  • You can modify parameters such as tension and rotation speed according to your load requirements.
  • To start the wrapping cycle, you need to initiate the wrapping cycle using the control panel.
  • You can monitor and make adjustments to ensure smooth and secure wrapping.
  • Once the cycle is completed, you can remove the wrapped pallet carefully.

How to maintain CST 205 stretch wrapper.

CST 205 Stretch Wrapper is easy to maintain. You need to clean the machine to prevent the build-up of dust, debris, or film residue. You can lubricate to ensure all moving parts are adequately greased to minimize wear and friction. You need to regularly check and adjust parts for damage or misalignment. The film roll should be replaced if it is empty or broken. Though the operations of the wrapper are easy and simple, you need to provide training on the safe use and maintenance of the machine. Cyklop India offers comprehensive service and support with knowledgeable personnel and prompt assistance.

This guide gives you complete information about CST stretch wrappers. To know which wrapper fits your packaging needs and budget, connect with us.

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