Boosting Packaging Efficiency with Elastic Binders



Packaging is crucial in manufacturing and distribution processes, ensuring items are protected during transportation and reach consumers in good condition. Among the various methods available, the Elastic Binder is a popular and adaptable packaging method due to its dependability. This blog discusses its functions, benefits, factors to consider before purchasing, and features of CYKLOP Elastic Binders.

What is an Elastic Binder?

An Elastic Binder, also known as an Elastobinder, is a packing machine that uses elastic cords or pre-formed plastic bands called Streppers to bundle and hold items together. These binders are specifically intended for the packaging of light-weight products, allowing for versatile and secure packaging solutions. They are excellent for a wide range of businesses since they may be used to bundle many sorts of products, both large and small, circular and irregularly shaped.

How does an Elastic Binder work?

1.Elastic Band or Strepper Utilisation:

An elastic binder secures objects by using elastic bands or Streppers®. Streppers are fed into the machine from a separate roll, whereas elastic bands can be purchased pre-formed or in rolls.


After inserting the elastic band or Strepper®, the elastic binder machine adds strain to the material, pushing it tight. This tensioning procedure guarantees that the elastic is ready to secure the items.

3.Placement of product:

The product to be packaged is carefully positioned within the tensioned elastic, ensuring proper bundling positioning. This step ensures that the product is properly positioned and that it fits tightly within the elastic material.

4. Controlled Release Mechanism:

For the elastic band or Strepper®, the elastic binder includes a controlled release mechanism. During the bundling process, this technique permits the elastic to be gradually and uniformly released.

5.Knot-Free Bundling:

Elastic binders offer a closed form of bundling that does not require knots or heat-sealing. The elastic is wrapped around the goods, securely holding it together with no knots.

6.Damage-Free Bundling:

The bundling technique is gentle on the products because there are no knots involved. This means that after bundling, the products are undamaged and free of any signs or traces.

Benefits of Elastic Binders

Secure Bundling:

Elastic binders keep things in place during transit and handling, preventing them from shifting or becoming damaged.


Elastic binders can hold a wide range of products, from small and fragile to huge and oddly shaped, to meet a variety of packing requirements.


Elastic binders provide a cost-effective bundling method, decreasing the need for extra packing materials.

Damage Prevention:

The flexibility of the cords or Streppers® used in the binders protects the products during the bundling process.

Environment Friendly:

Many elastic materials used in binders are recyclable, encouraging environmentally friendly packaging and lowering environmental impact.

Improved Efficiency:

Elastic binders allow for rapid and easy bundling, which saves time and effort in packaging operations.

Reduced Shipping Costs:

Elastic binders make compact and secure bundles, resulting in smaller package size and weight and lower shipping costs.

Minimised Product Loss:

Elastic binders help reduce the risk of product loss or damage by keeping goods from becoming loose or shifting during transit.


Elastic binders are simple to use and need little training for packaging personnel, increasing packing efficiency.

Factors to Consider Before Selecting an Elastic Binder

Product Size and Shape:

It is essential to consider the size and shape of your products before selecting an Elastic Binder to ensure that it can effectively and securely accommodate them during bundling.


Evaluating the bundling speed of the machine is crucial to match it with your production requirements and avoid bottlenecks in the packaging process.

Automation Level:

Choosing between a fully automatic or semi-automatic Elastic Binder depends on your production volume and budget constraints, as each option offers different levels of automation.


Check whether the Elastic Binder is compatible with the elastic cord or Strepper® materials you intend to use, ensuring smooth and efficient bundling operations.


Prioritise the reputation and reliability of the manufacturer or supplier when selecting an Elastic Binder to ensure you invest in a high-quality and durable machine for consistent performance.

Features of CYKLOP Elastic Binders

CYKLOP, a well-known brand in the packaging sector, provides a variety of high-quality Elastic Binders to fulfil a variety of bundling requirements.

Elastic Bundling:

All CYKLOP elastic binders utilise elastic cords for bundling products, eliminating the need for heat-sealing or knotting materials.


The binders are designed to bundle a variety of product sizes and shapes, making them useful in a variety of industries and applications.

High Bundling Speed:

Depending on the model, the binders can bundle at rates of up to 45, 60, 75, or 100 cycles per minute.


Several of these binders may be readily linked into current automated packaging lines, making bundling simple and efficient.

Environmental friendliness:

CYKLOP elastic binders are environmentally friendly since they use recyclable elastic cords.


Several binders are made of stainless steel, which ensures durability and corrosion resistance and makes them appropriate for humid or food-processing conditions.

Application Range:

The binders are intended for use in a variety of industries, including cable, automobile, carpets, flowers, tubing, and general binding.

Robust and Low Maintenance:

Most binders are designed to be tough and long-lasting, appropriate for heavy-duty use, and require little maintenance to operate optimally.

CYKLOP Elastic Binders:

Product Under Elastic Binders

AXRO FQC2 Stainless Steel Elastic Binder:

The AXRO FQC2 Stainless Steel Elastic Binder is suitable for the food industry and humid environments, featuring AXRO clamping and knotting technology, updated feed-in mechanism, and knot-release system. It can bundle various products and integrate with automatic machine lines for high-speed performance with minimal maintenance.

AXRO FQC2 Elastic Binder for Binding:

The AXRO FQC2 Elastic Binder is a versatile machine with reliable clamping and knotting technology, updated feed-in mechanism, and knot-release system. It can bundle various products and is compatible with elastic cords. It operates quietly, achieving up to 100 cycles per minute, and is resistant to dirt, ensuring efficient productivity.


Elastic Binders are crucial in the packaging sector due to secure bundling solutions, cost-effectiveness, damage prevention, and versatility. CYKLOP, a market leader, offers a diverse range of dependable binder options with customized characteristics for individual packaging needs. Their in-house consumables, like high-quality elastic cords, ensure excellent packaging performance and efficiency. Elastic Binders have revolutionized the industry, and further advancements are expected with continuous technical advancements. For more information contact us.