Benefits of Continuous Inkjet Printers in Companies



Competent and high-quality printing methods are the foundation for businesses in all industries. One such innovation that is gaining popularity is continuous inkjet printing. This blog talks about the concept of continuous inkjet printers, their advantages, and how CYKLOP’s CM 750 and CM 730 series of continuous inkjet printers provide a versatile and reliable printing device for your business.

What is Continuous Inkjet Printer?

Continuous Inkjet Printing (CIJ) is a non-contact printing technique that sprays minuscule drops of ink over a surface. It is a renowned coding and marking method that produces high-quality prints on a number of surfaces such as paper, plastic, metal, and glass. Continuous Inkjet Printers are made up of three parts: an inkjet printhead, an ink supply system, and a control unit.

How does it work?

The primary premise of CIJ printers is to deliver a continuous flow of ink. The method begins when two chipped cartridges within the printer, one carrying ink and the other supplying solvent, are put into a single main chamber. When these two liquids come into contact in the reservoir, a pump pressurises the combination and delivers it to the printer.

When the ink enters the printer, it is swung by a piezoelectric device, causing droplets to form. An electrode plate then charges these droplets, pushing them accurately towards the substrate. Any unused ink gets sent back to the reservoir for future use.

Benefits of Continuous Inkjet Printer


CIJ printers offer versatile capabilities for labelling and coding materials at various speeds and directions. They can print date codes, lot codes, batch codes, logos, and more on various substrates, thanks to contact-free technology. These printers also use a wide range of inks, providing designers with creative freedom. They are ideal for industries like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, automotive, electronics, and cosmetics, their versatility makes them an essential and helpful tool for designers.


Continuous inkjet technology has been around for a while and has a solid reputation for reliability and performance. CIJ printers have undergone considerable research and improvement, resulting in extremely reliable and robust systems. They can run continuously for long periods of time without sacrificing print quality or performance. Businesses can rely on CIJ printers for consistent and accurate marking and labelling, ensuring product traceability and industry compliance.

3.Speed of Printing:

Continuous inkjet printers are well-known for their fast-printing speeds. They can print high-quality prints at rapid rates, enabling efficient and flawless manufacturing operations. CIJ printers can print hundreds of characters or codes per second, allowing high-volume manufacturing lines to function at peak efficiency and satisfy production demands.

4.Fast-drying Ink:

The CIJ printing method is not simply quick in terms of ink ejection. The ink used is very quick to dry, reducing the likelihood of smudges or misprints. Because the ink jet is always in use, the nozzle does not get blocked, enabling the use of solvents such as ketones and alcohols. As compared to other ink varieties, these solvents may “bite” into the substrate and dry fast.

5.Cost Efficiency:

The constant ink recirculation technique used by CIJ inkjet printers lowers ink waste, which gradually lowers costs. Additionally, boosting the economic feasibility of these printers is their high-speed printing capacity, which helps to enhance production and efficiency.

6.Uninterrupted Operation:

Continuous inkjet printers are made to need less maintenance and very little downtime. The printers include self-cleaning mechanisms that stop ink clogging and preserve their best performance. Regular maintenance operations are simple and quick to complete, such printhead cleaning and ink replacement. Operators can easily handle the printers thanks to the user-friendly controls and interface, which lowers the possibility of mistakes or production line interruptions.

7.Consistent Quality:

These printers regularly deliver top-notch prints that ensure codes are clearly visible and recognisable, which is necessary for product tracking, identification, and compliance.

CYKLOP Continuous Inkjet Printers for Companies

CYKLOP offers premium Continuous Inkjet Printers for challenging business labelling needs with a touch-screen interface, these printers print barcodes, addresses, and best-before dates on various materials, including uneven surfaces.

The CM 750 Continuous Inkjet Printer is a remarkable product from CYKLOP. This industrial printer is designed to perform with great reliability under challenging working conditions. Operation is made simpler by its 10-inch touch screen, and the quick and clean cartridge-changing technology guarantees smooth ink replacement without spilling. The CM 750 offers affordable printing options owing to its effective ink and solvent system. The changeable filter element on the printer also makes servicing simple and lowers the overall cost of ownership.

The benefits of the Continuous Inkjet Printers include:

  • Clean coding with fast-drying and adhesive ink.
  • Intuitive 10-inch colour touch screen for easy operation.
  • Quick and spill-free cartridge replacement.
  • Low consumption costs.
  • Single filter module for easy maintenance.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership.


For the coding and marking requirements of organisations, continuous inkjet printers offer adaptable, dependable, and economical options. The CM 750 offers the required capabilities and functions for continuous operations and high-quality prints in demanding business environments. Invest in continuous inkjet printing to increase production and efficiency at your business. Contact us for more information.