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Marking, Coding, and Packaging Solutions

Who we are?

Cyklop (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a 100% subsidiary of Cyklop International Holding B.V. Netherlands. We offer a comprehensive range of marking, coding & packaging solutions. It consists of system engineering, equipment, consumables, and technical services. We provide superior, reliable, and efficient packaging solutions at competitive prices. We help our customers with their packaging needs by securing the products during manufacturing and transportation, reducing loss, protecting quality, and optimizing on-time delivery performance. The Group sells over 300 types of products to our customers which include Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ), Laser printers, Thermal Inkjet printers (TIJ), Semi-automatic & Fully Automatic Strapping Machines, Wrapping Machines, Taping Machines, Binding Machines, and more.

Why Cyklop?

Since its inception in 1912, Cyklop has been involved in the professional and stable packaging of products. Our packaging machines are suitable for all industry types. Our machines made in Europe and Asia are of superior quality and resilient to handle the harshest of working conditions.

Tailored packaging solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers, ensuring that goods are transported safely and securely.

Expert consultation for your packaging needs! Our team works closely with you to assess your packing process and recommend the best solutions for your products, from purchase to delivery and ongoing maintenance.

Whether you require strapping, coding, taping, bundling or wrapping solutions, we are here to provide comprehensive and cost-effective advice. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and let us help you optimize your packaging process.

Dedicated Support Tailored To Your Needs

From installation to maintenance and spare parts supply, our service department provides comprehensive support to ensure optimal performance of your machine. With our 24/7 service support and fast response times, we are committed to minimizing downtime and keeping your production running smoothly. Whether you prefer self-maintenance or professional assistance, our service page provides all the information you need to keep your machine in top condition.


With over 100 years in the packaging industry, we bring extensive expertise to the table. From design to production in our own factories, we cater to a wide range of needs, from the smallest devices to the largest automatic machines. Our clientele includes both large and small businesses spanning various industries. Having witnessed countless experiences, we have accumulated a wealth of stories to share. If you’re curious, reach out to us today!


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